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Time Line of the Taiping Rebellion





Events in China



Birth of Hong Xiuquan



Hong attempts Canton civil service exam for the first time at age 14



East India monooply on China trade ends, exports of opium to China greatly increase



Hong recieves Christian tract from Liang Afa while at Canton taking a civil service exam



Hong fails exams third time, has nervous breakdown in a delerium for 40 days, then seems to return to normal



1839-42 Opium War

Lin Zexu bans the import of opium

British seize Hong Kong






British captured the Bogue forts , attack Ningbo



Treaty of Nanking China opened more to opium trafficing and missionaries,



Hong rereads the Christian tracts  Liang Afa gave him in 1833, becomes convinced they explain his visions of 1836 and he has a divine mission, fails exam again and becomes angry at the whole system, determines not to study for exams any more

Hong converts Hong Rengan and Feng Yunshan



Hong Xiuquan and Feng Yunshun leave for Guangxi


Hong converts around 100 in the Sigu village area of Guangxi, returns to his village in Guangdong.


 Feng goes to the Thistle mountain region,

( Zejin Shan ) Guangxi



Hong returns to teaching, writes books about how China lost contact with the Heavenly God



Hong invited to see Rev. Issachar roberts in Canton



Hong Xiuquan studies with Rev.Roberts in Canton, then travels to Guangxi to visit Feng Yunshun, robbed on the way, but still makes it to Thistle Mt. Guangxi, convinced God is protecting him.


Now over 1,000 converts at thistle Mt


Becomes more Anti-Confucianist


Destroys King Gan idol



Yang Xiuqing, a Hakka charcoal maker becomes voice of God the Father when in a trance state, Hong accepts this.


Xiao Chaogui, a Hakka farmer, becomes the voice of Jesus

American Gold rush

Revolutions Across Europe

Karl Marx publishes communist Manifesto


Hong Xiuquan returns home, learns his father had died. Allows his hair in front to grow, which is required by Manchus for morning,returns to Thistle Mt

Hong's son Tiangui born



God worshipers on Thistle Mt form an army

Hong brings family to Thistle Mt.

Dec. local militia start looking for leaders of the God Worshippers

Fighting breaks out between the Hakkas and Bendi (natives) of Kwangxi, many join the Taipings for protection



Taiping forces now at an estimated 10,000 with Triad allies

Jan 1 Battle of Jintian, Qing  forces are defeated with

Massive Huang He Flooding starts Nian Rebellion

Jan 11 Hong Xiuquan declares the Heavenly Kingdom

Aug, Taipings decide to breakout of the thistle Mt area

Sept24, Taipings take Yongan

1851-64 Nian Rebellion




Taiping forces leave Yongan

Taipings beiege Guilin 33 days, but unable to take it

May 23, Taipings enter Xingan

May 24, Feng mortally wounded at Quanzhou,

Jun3, Quanzhou sacked

Swpt 17 Xiao Chaogui killed at Chenzhou

Nov Siege of Changsha abandoned



Jan 12  Wuchang falls to Taipings

Feb 10  Taipings leave Wuchang

March 19  Nanjing taken

May Taiping Northern expedition starts

Sept Northern Exp reaches Chili

July Trian uprising takes Amoy (Xiamen)

Sept Small Swords seize much of Shanghai

Oct Northern Exp force captures Qing hai, 20 miles from Tianjin

Oct 30 Taiping attack on Tianjin repulsed with great loss Winter HQ set up at Qing hai

Nov Triad army evacuates Xiamen

Dec Yang Xiuqing begins to speak as the voice of God

Anqing, Anhui taken by Taipings

Crimean War 1853-6





March Taiping Northern expedition wiped out at Lianzhen

Shi Dakai defeats Zeng Guofan at Battle of Hukou at Lake Boyang

Huang He changes course devastating Jiangsu



Second Opium War 1856-60

June Yang wins great victory against Qing army besieging Nanjing 10,000 Qing troops killed , Qing commander Xiang Rong dies


Sept -Oct Tianjing Incident  Yang Hsiu-ching, Wei Chang hui killed, est 10,000-100,000 died in the fighting, after death of Yang, Hong only trusts family



Summer Shi Dakai departs Nanjing, never to return

Sepoy Mutiny 


March  The Qing Jiangnan Army Group(江南大營) begins siege of Nanjing with 200,000-routed by Li Xiucheng in May 1860

May 28 Treaty of Aigun Russia gained the left bank of the Amur River

Nov 7-18 Battle of Sanhe Hunan Army of Zeng guofan defeated



June Taku forts near Beijing bombarded



Yantai and Dalian captured by English/French


 Russia offers to bombard Nanjing with a naval squadron, Qing court declines


May-June 2 Armies of Li Xiucheng and Shi Dakai break siege of Nanjing by the large Jisngnan force during a snowstorm, Qing forces lose an estimated 60,000 men, takes Suzhou


June Ward starts Ever Victorious Army


July Ward captures Sung-Chiang


Aug Taiping attack on Shanghai repulsed


Sept 21 Battle of Palikao Qing army defeated outside Beijing by Brit/French


Oct 6 Brit/French enter Beijing

Summer Palace sacked


Dec British and French tell Taipings to not advance within 30 miles of Shanghai, which they agree to for a year



Feb Sir James Hope takes a squadron to Nanjing to learn more about the Taipings

Taipings promise not to come with 30 miles of Shanghai, British open 3 consulates in Taiping territory, British pledge to continue neutrality

March Taipings reopen Yangtze to trade, after closing it after the Shanghai attack

Aug Emperor XianFeng dies Tongzhi new empero

Sept Prince Kung coup

Dec 6 Taipings take Ningpo

Dec 29 Taipings take Hangzhou

April 12 Fort Sumter fired upon


Jan Li Xiucheng launches attack on Shanghai

June Li Xiucheng gives up attacking Shanghai, retreats to Suzhou

Sept Ward dies at Battle of Cixi



Jan Burgevine dismissed and changes side, Gordon takes command of the EVA

June 13 Shi Dakai surrenders in Sichuan, then executed

Nov Suzhou taken with the ever Victorious Army under Gordon

July 1-3 Battle of Gettysburg


June 1 Hong Xiuquan dies, son Tiangui Fu becomes Taiping king

  July 19 Nanjing sacked by Qing troops, most population of 100,000 killed Tiangui Fu and Hong Rengan escape, Li Xiucheng captured and executed

Oct 9 Hong Rengan captured in Shicheng, Jiangxi, executed  at Nanchang, Jiangxi Nov 23

Oct 25  Tiangui Fu captured in Shicheng, Jiangxi, executed  at Nanchang, Jiangxi Nov  18



Qing General Senggelinqi defeated and killed by Nian rebels at Battle of Goulawjai,

April 16 The Tou Wang or Yellow Tiger takes Zhangzhou, Fujian, soon leaves and marches to Jiangxi, where he takes Ganzhou. Soon Qing forces take it and he disappears

April 9, 1865 Lees surrenders








Lai Wenkwok  tries to revive Taiping movement with Nian rebels, captured and executed



The last remaining Taiping army, under the command of General Li Fuzhong (李福忠) is defeated